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As we continue to look at programs funded by the United Way of Danville Area, Crosspoint Human Services would be a good place to take you during the month of October since it is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  You can take a virtual tour of these programs by going to YouTube and searching United Way of Danville Area or by following this link, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4DWnfOi560ZuVjMYJpnDig/videos.  Then just find the Crosspoint logo and click on it to watch. 

We fund five different programs at Crosspoint and three of those are domestic abuse programs.  One of the things I like about Crosspoint is they don’t just help the victim because then the perpetrator would continue in their violent ways and that’s not solving the problem.   Here are the five programs:

The Domestic Violence Prevention & Intervention as well as the Homeless Transitional Housing program are funded to provide victims of domestic violence, and those seeking shelter, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week intervention and services by trained staff who provide in person and group counseling and support, legal and IDVA advocacy, transportation, a listening ear, and crisis intervention through a 24 hour hotline.   The shelters provide a safe and nurturing setting for persons served in a minimally intrusive, trauma informed environment.  The outcomes measured by these programs, in regards to a survivor, is increasing their ability to plan for their safety, understanding the types of Orders of Protection and how to enforce them in increase safety, knowing more about community resources, understanding the effects of domestic violence on children and their lives and feeling more hopeful about the future. 

The Partner Abuse program focuses on educating abusers to recognize abusive behaviors, learn nonviolent interactions skills, and teach the responsibility for their abusive behavior and the effects of their abuse on their partners and children.   By completing this program, the abuser will successfully learn appropriate skills and attitudes which ceases the use of manipulation, fear, power, and control in their intimate relationships. 

Another program that Crosspoint provides is the Infant Early Intervention program.  This program focuses on education by providing universal evaluations and developmental therapy to delayed children under the age of three.  The focus is to reduce or eliminate the long-term effect of developmental delays or disabilities.  Crosspoint has one full time Developmental therapist whose responsibilities include completing a global evaluation on each child served in the child’s home or in another natural environment, prepare a report and present it to the individual family support team and partake in discussion to determine the type and amount of services the family will need to reach their desired goals.

The last funded program at Crosspoint is the Danville Independent Living Center.  This is an eight-bed home that serves adults with developmental disabilities.  Twenty-four-hour, supervised care is provided.  Residents learn social and living skills for total independent living in the community.  The residents learn money management, acceptance of their illness, medication compliance, cooperation with treatment and impulse control.   This is a happy place; just watch the video and you will see.

If these programs sound like something you would want to support you can text WIN2020 to 313131 to donate or call the office, 217-442-3512.

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  • Mary Surprenant – Interim President of United Way of Danville Area, Inc., 425 N. Gilbert St., Danville, IL  61832.  Phone 442-3512 – Email: happytohelp1129@gmail.com