About Us

Our Mission

United Way of Danville Area improves lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities to advance the common good.

Our Goals

United Way of Danville Area seeks to reduce poverty by:      

  • Helping people achieve financial stability, by helping families get on the road to economic independence.
  • Promoting healthy lives, and increasing the number of youth and adults who are healthy and avoid risky behaviors.
  • Engaging families and connecting them with resources to prepare children for successful lives and school experiences in early years and throughout life.

These goals are ambitious, but with your help, and with committed partners and a collective will for success, we can achieve them.

United Way of Danville Area, serving Vermilion County, IL, Fountain County, IN and portions of Warren County, Indiana, for 93 years has responded to the needs of our local communities while simultaneously addressing the root causes of key issues. We do this by inspiring and uniting the power of individuals, the business community, and the public and nonprofit sectors around common goals. Together, we’re able to drive real community impact in our neighborhoods, our communities, and our region.  Together, we’re working to ensure that every individual and family is able to achieve educational success, financial stability and good health.

Our Strategy

Achieving our goals requires us all to become more aware of health risks and the potential effects they have on ourselves and others, starting from before birth. Working together with others whose goals and missions intersect with ours - City and County government, health care providers, businesses, schools, and churches - we will combine our assets and achieve greater community health in the communities in which we live, learn, work and play, empowering people to live healthier lives.