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Department of Children & Family Services - DCFS
Department of Children & Family Services - DCFS
401 N. Franklin

Danville, IL 61832
Mailing Address
Department Of Children and Family Services
401 N. Franklin

Danville, IL 61832
Telephone Numbers and Contact information
Phone: (217) 443-3200 Svc/Intk & Admin
Phone: (217) 443-3275 TTY
Phone: (800) 252-2873 Hotline

Fax: (217) 443-2969 Web Page: None Listed
Email: None Listed
Program Details

Operating Agency: Department of Children & Family Services - DCFS (Public-State )

Person In Charge: Public Service Administrator : Nancy Abbott

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Eligibility: See eligibility criteria

Fees: Services will be assessed according to income.

Intake Process: Call to report abuse or to schedule appointment

Service Area: Vermilion and Iroquois counties

Handicap Accessibility: Full Wheelchair Access,

Program/Service Notes

a. Receiving, responding to, or assessing reports of emergency situations involving neglect or abuse of children. b. Assessing need for out-of-home care for a child or youth, including developing recommendations for and petitions to the courts on removal of children and the appropriate placement of children. c. Providing immediate visitation services or other assistance to a child or family during the course of an investigation aimed at preventing abuse, neglect or harm to the child. d. Arranging for services, shelter, food, clothing, on-site counseling or case management during an emergency assessment to stabilize the situation. e. Coordination or cooperation with police, court personnel and other public service personnel in protecting children, in determining the need for out-of-home placement, or developing alternatives to avoid removal of the child. f. Receive referrals from the investigation unit and from families requesting services and from agencies advocating for the families and their children. g. Prepares for and participates in judicial determinations, including court requested or court ordered activities that are otherwise allowable. h. Make placements of children. i. Conducts service assessments. j. Develops family case plans, including goal setting. k. Participates in case reviews, including permanency meetings. l. Assumes case management responsibilities which includes maintaining at least monthly contact with families regarding status of the child and the case plan goals for the child and family. m. Conducts recruitment and licensing of foster homes. n. Conducts recruitment and licensing of adoptive homes. o. Conducts licensing and compliance of daycare centers and homes. Children and families DCFS must serve and/or assess include: * abused and neglected children and their families * dependent children under 18 yrs old and their families * adjudicated delinquents under 13 yrs old and their families * children for whom DCFS already had court ordered legal responsibility who are subsequently adjudicated delinquent and their families. * court ordered custody studies and supervision under provisions of the Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act. Who Should Report Child Abuse: * Physicians, surgeons, registered and practical nurses, hospital administrators and other staff engaged in the examination and treatment of patients * Dentists, osteopaths, Christian Science practitioners, coroners, medical examiners, chiropractors, and, podiatrists; * School personnel (including teachers and administrative staff), directors and staff assistants of day care centers and nursery schools, child care workers with an agency or institution, foster parents, homemakers and registered psychologists; * Truant officers, probation officers, law enforcement officers, social workers, and social service administrators; * All field personnel of the state department of Children and Family Services, Public Health, Public Aid, Corrections, and Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities. A person need only suspect child abuse or neglect to make a report. DCFS is responsible for determining if it happened. All persons who are mandated to report suspected abuse and neglect are presumed to be acting in good faith. Thus, they are immune from legal liability as a result of the report. Additionally, DCFS may elect to provide child welfare services to children and families requesting the services when there is no other available resource in the community and there is funding available. Volunteers: * Recruit foster families How to become a volunteer: * Call Faye Watson at 217-443-3200